Virtual Resource Center

Protect your brand by allowing others to personalize, but not alter, your branded print or electronic templates.

Studies show that targeted messages drive more sales. The DCG Virtual Resource Center can help by allowing people you designate (field reps or distributors, for instance) to quickly create branded one-to-one marketing messages.

• Maintain your brand integrity with each and every transaction

• Better target customers and prospects with customized marketing materials

• Give field representatives the tools they need to immediately respond to client/prospect questions or interests

• Assign security levels and site privileges by individual or group

• Reduce waste and warehousing costs with print-on-demand distribution

• Build your ROI with increased impact and accurate reporting

Four dynamic modules—which can be used individually or in tandem—give you the flexibility to adapt to changing marketing needs.

Virtual Business Center – This online storefront makes it easy for your field personnel to prepare for industry events and customer visits by producing personalized business cards, stationery and premium items.

Virtual Fulfillment Center – Manage, order and track marketing collateral and point of sale inventories shipped from one or all three of our distribution centers. Choose from standard or customized reporting.

Virtual Sales Center – Create personalized, electronic messages in a branded email format that can include web links as well as pdf or attachments.

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