Global Printing Capabilities

As a member of the International Printers’ Network (IPN), Direct Connect Group (DCG) offers the most extensive worldwide capabilities and resources of printed and visual communications available today. By combining best-of-breed technology with an understanding of the management of information and the production of marketing materials, our membership in the IPN enables us to deliver timely solutions that improves your company’s sales performance, productivity and global market visibility.

We take the headache out of international document production. With hundreds of state-of-the-art production machines, thousands of highly skilled people and millions of pages in capacity, DCG can put your organization on the map, anywhere in the world.

Global business is fast becoming the standard for successful organizations. With more than 180 locations in 45 different countries around the globe, the IPN is helping companies all over the world do more successful business.

Worldwide Value Added

To help your organization work and excel in the global environment, our IPN membership offers your company the widest range of print, direct marketing and distribution services

• The latest technology
• Print and distribute locally on each continent
• No customs, tariffs or delays
• Increase speed to market
• Language assistance
• Reduced production costs

Worldwide Service Your Company Can Rely On

DCG provides unique and powerful ways to design, produce and deliver a consistent marketing message world wide, across multiple channels to communicate your brand and drive sales. Whether your company works with DCG to produce and distribute your marketing materials from our facilities in the United States or leverage our IPN partners, we provide you with a global range of products and services.


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